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by TD-Vice

This is the first and probably only 100% critique I've done. Vision: you said you did this as a memorial, I salute you sir, or ma'am. O...

Alright, I love it when I see a critique on stuff I really like. First off, vision: I always love the way your art looks. It reminds me...

Vision: I love the angle of the picture and the design of the suit and the dragon. I've always loved sci-fi suits.I loved how the light...

by Inkary

Alight, this is my first critique. Vision: You have made so much stuff going on at once, but at the same time I can tell everything tha...


Damnit, :iconredwolfradolf: doing the whole "read this and I tag you" trick.  I thought I was good at hiding.

Here goes:

1-How do you carry character creation?

I take a concept that I think would be pretty cool (or in the case of some of the Warhammer 40k characters I made make a theme and go off of that) and design a character around that.  I make up the name and personality after I get the concept out of the way and the appearance usually follows.  Or vice versa.  The characters tend to evolve from there, so some redesigns are always done.


2- If you've written about your characters, or you have done a comic of them, which character was on the first scene?

I didn't get this question, but I assume it means first serious character I ever made.  Looking back my first character was a self modeled character I named AJ.  I am not proud of my early works...  My earliest character I actually claim to be proud of is Sven from the 501st Hammer and Anvil back when I actively contributed to Sinclair's Absolution.


3- Who is the last character you've created?

If concepts count, I'm working on an Eldritch Horror whose name is in the works but is mostly gibberish.  If not, then a witch that specializes in manipulating electronics and metal named Beyza.  Expect that story at some point in the future.


4 - Do you feel dominated by your creations?

They tend to go off on their own and do their own thing.  I am constantly working on art for them and often burn myself out when it comes to working on them.  So yeah...


5 - With what character do you most identify?

Probably Sabine Chevalier.  She has an obsession with her hobby and is rather inept at social interaction that doesn't pertain to said hobby.

6 - Have you killed a character that you liked or loved?

Not yet, but I have planned on killing off a couple of characters that I haven't shown yet.  Wait, now that I think about it, I killed off two in quick succession in an RP I participate in.  Both were revived immediately after, but still.


7 - Which of your characters would you sleep with?

Don't normally think about it, but if I were required to pick, I would have to say either Mae or Faydra from the Sinclair group.


8- Is there an actor whose personality fits one or any of your characters?

Tom Cruise would be able to pull off a perfect Sven or Sytes.


9- Which character do you hate for no reason?

A Homestuck fan character I once made on another account.  Callix Zoigad was his name.  I dunno, I made him to be an antagonist, but I just hate him arbitrarily.


10- Do you cry when you write sad scenes?

I would need to make a sad scene to know.  I do however tear up slightly when I read a quote from a character in a PTSD infused voice.  "Sometimes... Time stands still... and all you can do is watch..."

So that might be an indication of things to come.


12 - A question of color: Do you have a dark-skinned character?

Yes.  Several characters that are literally black (I.E. Drow, black scales, actually made of shadow, etc.) and a few that are of African descent.


13 - And last question: Do you have a gay character?

Several Bisexual characters.  No fully Homosexual characters yet.

As for tags, I'm not pulling your trickery redwolfradolf!





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I got over my paranoia and decided to write here. I'm a highschooler who does a little writing and gmod art. I'm starving for recognition and attention when it comes to online communities. I feel that if someone just takes the time to take a look at my stuff, I'll be that step closer to being famous, (or something like that) I'm open for tips on my art.



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